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Through all of Ensign Max Conley's research on the Borg and their pursuit of perfection, he was always left with two lasting questions: What does perfection look like to a cybernetic culture made of thousands of species? And why don't they realize it looks like 7 of 9?

Granted, the latter question never entered the stellar cartographer's mind until Seven became a crewmember here on Voyager, but after long days and nights studying star charts together, her idyllic beauty made the question impossible to ignore.

"Ensign?" Seven asked.

"Hmm?" Conley said, taking a second to realize the time spent in his head and made him miss a significant portion of their conversation.

"You appear to be deep in thought. Has your analysis found any potential subspace pathways?"

The ensign turned to Seven, who, in turn, had pivoted to face him from her position at the primary control situated in front of the virtual screen of her lab. Her right eyebrow cocked, an expression of inquiry, while the remaining Borg facial implant framed her left eye. Both eyes remained icily blue, though there were times where Conley felt a lingering and powerful passion behind them.

"Ensign, are you having difficulty hearing me?"

Conley laughed. From a superior officer, that question would be bathed in annoyance, at best. In the case of the ex-Borg, though, it was lifted by genuine concern, if not a smidgeon of naivete.

"Sorry," Conley said. He gestured at the blinking screens now to his left. "I'm just lost in thought, and my head's a bit foggy from this Andorian antihistamine the doc has me on."

"Is my presence invoking an allergic response?" she asked with genuine concern. "After our long periods of working together, I would assume that-"

"No, no. If I was allergic to you, I don't know what I'd do," Conley said. Off another cocked eyebrow from Seven, he continued. "It's Lynnix. I guess she's going through some biological phase where her pheromones can trigger allergies in some people. According to the Doc, the hypospray shot he gave me should stop the sneezing."

"But there are side effects."

"Yeah," the ensign said as he gestured to his head. "I've got the head fog, and apparently Andorian therapies tend to really ramp up the human libido, too. Pretty much everything has me aroused right now."

There was a moment of silence where a heavy awkwardness threatened to fill the room.

"Sorry," Conley said. "That was inappropriate. I'd like to blame the head fog if that's okay with you."

"Yes. The head fog." There was a slight pause before Seven continued. "Although if you are ever experiencing issues of allergies or arousal due to my presence, please let me know so we can remedy the situation."

Conley's jaw dropped for a brief second before he started to mouth out words to try and respond.

"Oh, I mean... I'm not say-"

"A joke," Seven said. Her lips turned almost imperceptibly into a smile.

"Ah," Conley said, then allowed himself a brief laugh.

They each turned back to their receptive control panels, pressing in new formulas and algorithms to highlight potential shortcuts on the ship's voyage home. They worked in silence, though Conley's mind raced as he wondered if there was any truth at the foundation of Seven's joke. The thought sent a surge to his groin, and he felt the beginnings of a potentially embarrassing unfurling in his uniform pants.

If he could only force the thoughts out of his head. Prioritize the images in front of him. The 3D renderings of neutrino emissions as they spurted from the nexus of a wormhole, falling stickily on Seven's naked boobs. Her skinny arms milking every last drop from the long, hard wormhole. Her voice raspy as she whispered-

"Ensign," Seven said. "Would you come take a look at this? I believe I've found something."

Conley's heart dropped. He looked at his lap and saw, even through his dark pants and in the darker-than-typical stellar cartography lab, an obvious bulge in his crotch.

"Uhh," Conley said, pangs of panic clearly darting through a tone of compromised calm. "Give me just a second. I want to... uhh... check one last thing out over here."

He tried to will down his erection. He shut his eyes, forcing himself to think of the most unsexy thoughts. Playing springball game against his dad. Learning quantum mathematics at the academy. Eating Neelix's cooking.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Seven's voice from a shockingly intimate distance.

Conley yelled a small yip. "Yes, sorry. Just running one last check."

"The LCARs interface indicates your test finished running 30 seconds ago," she said as she nudged the ensign to stand directly next to him.

"Oh. That's actually... actually," Conley forced words out of his mouth as he tried to manifest a hiding spot that he could immediately leap to. Finally, his eyes fell on a PADD which he grabbed and held embarrassingly in front of his tumescence. "I was running it on this PADD."

"Why are you hiding the results?"

"Oh, well, you know. Just putting some good vibes out there in hopes of finding something."

"I don't believe 'good vibes' play a role in our calculations. Let's see what you've found." Seven reached down and lifted up the hand holding the PADD.

"No, let's-"

"-You weren't running any calculations on this PADD. Why would you state otherwise?"

"I'm sorry, I must have not initiated the formula," Conley said. His eyes bore a hole through the screen in front of him. He once saw an old piece of media entertainment from the 20th century that indicated some large lizards could only see things that moved. With no reason to think it was applicable here, that memory popped into his head and he tried to remain motionless.

"Ensign, you are aroused."

"What, no, I'm just not feeling well."

"Ensign, please look at me," Seven said as Conley turned slightly towards her. "Your skin is flushed. Your heart rate is elevated. And I believe your penis is erect."

The use of the word "penis" broke some sort of dam for the ensign. "I'm so sorry. Like I said, it's the-"

"There is no need to be embarrassed. I understand this to be a side effect of your medication."

"Oh," Conley said, relieved though confused. "It's still wildly inappropriate. I think I'll just go back to my quarters if that's okay with you."

"I do not believe that would be wise. Your arousal is clearly visible. If you'd like, you may take the opportunity to relieve yourself here if that would help."

Now the embarrassed ensign turned to face his laboratory partner. There were clearly exploring some new frontier, but, Conley, forever cautious, first sent out an exploratory probe to confirm the report.

"Are you saying I should masturbate?"

"Yes," Seven said. "While I do lack significant experience with human sexuality, my research has led me to believe that your erection may become painful with time. I am not embarrassed by your need to masturbate, but I do believe you would experience embarrassment if you encountered other members of the crew as you returned to your quarters. Therefore, it makes sense that you masturbate here in the laboratory."

"I do not know what to say."

"I don't believe human masturbation rituals require any verbal response, Ensign" Seven said. "Though, I do have a question: What caused your arousal?"

"That's kind of personal, and, if we're going to do this, will you please call me Max?"

"Max," Seven said, nodding in agreement. "What caused your erection?"

"Seven," Max said. "You did. I mean the antihistamines caused it, but you're very attractive, and in my brain fog I began to imagine certain scenarios."

"What scenarios?"

"Do I have to respond to that?"

"No. Though, can I ask in what way am I attractive?"

"You're making this very hard, er, difficult, Seven."

"As the source of your erection, I believe knowing this information may help me in my research."

"Well, if it's for research purposes," the ensign said, then gave Seven's body a full glance. She stood in front of him, perhaps just within arm's reach. Her purple bodysuit fit her form perfectly. It clung to her huge tits, her slim waist, and her shapely hips. Her ramrod posture further pushed her boobs out, emphasizing their size. Her blond hair and blue eyes gave her a so-called Midwestern appeal, as the ensign had heard Tom Paris call it. "Your body is perfect, Seven. Just utterly perfect. I just want to run my hands all over you, from your tits, down your taut stomach, to your legs. And you're so beautiful. I could stare into your eyes for days. I would softly kiss your neck down to your collarbone, then-"

"Take off your clothes," Seven interrupted. Conley could see just the faintest licks of electricity in her blue eyes.

"Okay," Max said. He reached behind him and unzipped his uniform top. He pulled it off, as well as the undershirt, leaving him bare-chested.

"The muscles of your upper body are well-defined," Seven said as she scanned his torso.

"Thank you," Max said as he unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped the fly. He inhaled deeply, hooked his thumbs inside his Starfleet-issue briefs, and shoved his pants and underwear to the ground. He removed his boots, then socks. He stood back up, his large, hard cock bouncing up with him.

"You are well-endowed," Seven said staring at his erection. Her eyes lifted back to match his gaze.

"Thank you, again," Max said.

"Please begin."

Unsurely, Max wrapped his hand around his cock. He gave himself several slow, pleasurable strokes. His other hand reached down and tugged playfully at his balls. Through this, he lost the concept of time. He wasn't sure where to look, so he closed his eyes and imagined Seven naked. He played out how he wanted the moment to ideally continue.

"Do you need help?" Seven asked.

Max opened his eyes, then stopped stroking but left his hands comforting his hardness.

"What do you mean?"

"Would you prefer visual stimulation to accompany your manual manipulation?"

Before Max could respond, Seven reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper. She slowly peeled down her bodysuit, revealing she wore no underwear. Her boobs were surprisingly perky and springy for their size. They contained large nipples, which Conely felt an urge to lick. Her arms were slim, and her stomach was taut. Her vagina was fully shaven. Her body, overall, was lithe, tight, and curvy.

"I believe that should help," Max said, as his eyes scanned her body and began stroking himself again.

"I have never seen a penis as large as yours," Seven said, her voice mixing genuine curiosity with huskiness. "May I touch it?"

"Yes, yes," Conley said. "Of course."

Seven took a step forward. Her body offered an ideal ripple of movement through her hips and tits. She kneeled down and moved her head within inches of the ensign's hard cock. Her normally confident self was suddenly displaced. She lifted her right hand but hesitated in making direct contact with his penis.

"Touch it lightly, with your fingertips," Max said. "Kind of brush them up and down my cock."

Seven did as she was told. Her fingertips made the lightest contact with the base of his cock. She brushed them upwards past the ridge of the head and over the tip. When Conley offered a pleasant gasp, she brought her forefinger and ran it softly around the corona.

"Your erection," Seven said as her fingertips brushed back down towards the hilt. "Your cock is very hard, yet its outer texture is smooth."

"This feels so good, Seven.'

"I am glad. I am enjoying this myself."

Seven continued exploring his hardness with her hands. Her soft fingertips delicately brushed against the most sensitive spots. On her next brush back down, she began to lightly rub his balls, eliciting another gasp of joy from Max.

"I wasn't aware that touching your testicles could bring such sensuous pleasure."

"They don't for everyone, but I love it."

She began to more firmly play with his balls, mimicking what she saw him do moments ago.

"Can you do that while stroking me?"

"I will endeavor to try."

Seven's left hand replace her right. She used the opportunity to feel their weight, their heaviness. She firmly, yet delicately, took turns pulling on each one. Then she began to massage them.

Meanwhile, her right hand barely encircled Max's cock. Unsure of how hard to grip it or how fast to pace, she kept the inside of her hands just barely in contact with his erection. She stroked slowly, going the full length, making sure to rub against the ridge of the head.

Through this Conley's breath hit a steady pace. Watching this beautiful woman give him a handjob and play with his balls was setting his skin on fire. She had the perfect touch, and he loved watched the way her tits swayed with every stroke.

"Is this pleasurable?" Seven asked, finally breaking eye contact with Max's cock and looking him in the eye.

"Oh yes."

"Do you have any feedback for me?"

"Stroke me a little harder, and slowly increase the pace."

Seven did as she was told. When she more firmly grasped his cock, she could better feel the steel-like hardness. Her pace increased, as did her aggressiveness with his balls. She relented lightly on the latter when she noticed a grimace that leaned more towards painful than pleasurable.

She stroked up and down, up and down. Her pace increased with every pump of his cock. Out of nowhere, she leaned her head forward, minimized the range of stroking to just short of the head, then began to lick the very tip of the cock. A deep shudder erupted from Max's lips.

"Oh my god, Seven. I'm going to cum."

Seven's head plunged onto his cock, her lips drawing down about a quarter of the way as her stroking upped the intensity and she continued firmly massaging his balls. She continued to brush his lips across his cock, firming a perfect seal.

Max felt his balls retract slightly then the first gush of cum erupt from his cock. He saw Seven withdraw her lips but continue stroking, each subsequent eruption hitting her bouncing chest. After the final spurt, Seven ceased stroking and looked up at Max.

"That was wonderful," Max said.

"I am glad," said Seven as she stood, a jiggle running through her body. The corner of her mouth curled slightly upwards. "Shall we get back to running our calculations?"

Max nodded. While it wasn't quite awkward, beyond the sound of the replicator whirring in cleaning materials, there was only silence in the lab as they cleaned, got dressed, and resumed running their calculations at their respective consoles.

"Wait, Seven, wasn't there something you wanted to show me."

"Ensi-," Seven started. "Max, as we've grown more intimate today, I should tell you that my desire for you to come to my station was made under false pretenses."

"You lied?" Max turned completely to face Seven, who faced him from her console.

"I could detect your arousal, and, as I stated earlier, I wanted to help remedy the situation."

"Oh. Thank you, then. I guess. I hope I didn't make you feel-"

"You are most definitely welcome. I do have one final request, however."


"Tomorrow, I believe that I may be in need of a similar remedy."












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